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Tonari no Youkai-san
Tonari no Youkai-san
spring 2024

Tonari no Yokai-san

مشاهد الاعلان

Tonari no Yokai-san

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6 حلقه
Web manga
Slice of LifeSupernatural

"Our cat might be turning into a nekomata..." A rural town where youkai, people and gods live normal, everyday lives, mixed with a bit of warmth and occasional mystery. One summer, the twenty-year old cat Buchio suddenly evolves into a nekomata. Questioning the reason for his evolution, he sets out to learn more about transformation, together with the transforming kitsune Yuri. Muu-chan spies on the crow Tengu Jirou as he performs his Tengu duties, and begins to see Jirou in a new light. At that same time, rumors of an unfortunate Nue begin to spread… (Source: East Press, translated)


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